You breathe fear in Germany: arrives the Genesis G80 diesel

In these moments we are in the full presentation of the new Hyundai i20 Active, and that is why we do not want to let the opportunity pass to ask for the future of Genesis as a luxury brand of Hyundai, and its future in Europe. The responses on the part of Hyundai have not been able to be more interesting, and that is that while Europe will not be a priority market for Genesis, since we can now skip that the current Hyundai Genesis will be updated shortly to pass to be called Genesis G80 and of truth face to brands such as Mercedes, Audi and BMW. There is nothing.

Hyundai_Genesis_prueba_foto_a_foto_mdm_2015_26, Hyundai do not have fear, and you already pretend to scratch sales to the premium traditional with a Genesis G80 diesel

Hyundai has stated that the current Hyundai Genesis has served them to enter a market that is very complex, the segment E, where the premium manufacturers struggle with all the weapons possible. Despite having to overcome many barriers, the Hyundai Genesis has managed to register in Spain for up to 25 units, a figure quite interesting for a car that currently lacks a image in our country and that it employs a technical configuration engine V6 petrol 300 HP, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

But Hyundai has achieved his first objective, and to demonstrate that they are in a position to bring to the market a range of premium models. The Hyundai Genesis has been his first great attempt, and now this model will complete your purpose of receiving a update for the second quarter of 2016 and becoming Genesis G80 so as to be positioned below the Genesis G90.

Hyundai_Genesis_prueba_foto_a_foto_mdm_2015_2The strategy of Genesis in Spain, it will be very clear, looking for attract companies and fleets with a product whose price/quality ratio is unbeatable. From April, the Genesis G80 will release a propellant diesel of 2.2 liter with 205 HP, will be associated to an automatic change of 8 relationships and will have traction only on the train back.

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