You can already a new Shelby GT350 1966 new thanks to Revology


Expensive but unique, though not with the flavor of the original.

One of the most unnoticed have gone through the SEMA 2016, despite being even announced by Ford, is not other that the first prototype of the recreations of the Shelby GT350 that Revology intended to re-edit. we do Not speak of mere replicas, but models below manufactured under license, though with certain differences.

Revology announced this reissue of the Mustang by the end of 2015, presenting the first sketches, and on the carpets of the Las Vegas Convention Center, we have been able to contemplate the great final result of your work.

The prototype looks like the classic combination of white Wimbledon, combining with the blue of the racing stripe lines longitudinal and the ‘Rally ‘ lines’ side. The only combination available at the start of the production, including the first 200 units were created, with the settings more sporty and radical, which fans have dubbed as the GT350 R.


At the exterior are almost identical to the original.

The work of Revology does not try to reproduce these radical units, but will bring you into the TWENTY-first century the iconic variant created by Carroll Shelby, so in place of meeting the legendary Ford V8 289 4.7 liter, we find a V8 Coyote 5.0-liter current with six-speed manual transmission, just like its trains rolling.

Suspension, computer, brakes and steering are present, as well as the lighting system, which although has the same outer shape of the classic, with modern optics and even LED lighting on the dashboard. In fact, the customers of these nothing economic pieces, you can even request a audio system with browser for about $ 5,000.

The customer can choose even the finish GT350H, which mimics the appearance of the legendary Shelby of the company Hertz, commissioned at the behest of Ford to save economically the project Shelby in California.


Manufactured under license.

These units will be manufactured in limited series, and their prices start from a few scandalous 187.500 $ . That surely will go up once the client take a look at the long list of options, which includes convertible version to a box four-speed automatic or a package of competition, which includes fuel tank competition, extinct and even safety cage.