You can already register for the closed Beta of Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport

you can register to participate in the closed beta of Gran Turismo Sport.

While we wait for the guys from Polyphony Digital, we come about the launch date of Gran Turismo Sport, we have an important announcement to make with respect to the new installment of the highly acclaimed video game series driving. And it has already open enrollment period in the closed Beta of the title will arrive exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

players who register and get access to the closed Beta of Gran Turismo Sport will be able to enjoy a preview of the title and to choose every day between a selection of cars and tracks to compete online against other players during this phase of testing. The study developer will change the selection of vehicles and paths to get the most feedback possible on the part of the participants.

Also there will be different categories of races and configurations of the circuits for the players who are waiting for the new delivery of the saga Gran Turismo can enjoy an important advance. And for the first time, they can see the way in which it integrates the driver profile within the game (19459007]. Thanks to a record of player behavior on the track and your skill, the system will ensure that a matchmaking fair in the online games to find players with a similar level to our.

Gran Turismo Sport - perfil de jugador

Advancement of how to integrate the player profile on Gran Turismo Sport.

┬┐When starts the closed Beta? on The 17th of march will start to users in the united States that have been selected. Subsequently it opens the term for players who reside in Europe. The places to participate in the Beta are limited and for now it has not been specified that will be available.

If you want to try your luck just go to this link and put your PlayStation ID. Initially the servers will be open at certain times of the day. All of this information will be published in the social networks of PlayStation Spain before launching the closed Beta.

Gran Turismo Sport will be one of the games that most squeeze the hardware of PS4. We can have in our garage virtual up to 140 vehicles that we can drive in 19 locations and 27 paths different. Yes, these figures will have increased with the release of different content DLC of payment. The arrival of GT Sport is more and more near.

Everything ready for the closed Beta of Gran Turismo Sport.