You can already reserve your Audi SUV electric (2,000 €), even if you don’t know neither your name…

Although it may seem like a joke, Audi Spain has just opened the orders for our market-a model that has not yet been presented. That is to say, you can reserve a car that still has no name and is unknown to virtually all of its features. Yes, we know that it will be a vehicle luxurious body SUV and that will be a model all-electric, the first series production car to 100 % electric of the German mark.

It seems at least curious that a brand like Audi -in fact it is curious in any manufacturer except Tesla, who was one of the first brands to do so-, open the reservation list for a model that their customers -and even ourselves, the press- unknown completely. What little I know, in addition to the condition of its drive system, is that it will be a SUV of a sporty cut positioned between an Audi Q5 and an Audi Q7; a kind of Audi Q6 electric, go.

commercial launch the first electric series production Audi will place to the end of the year 2018, as confirmed by the own German mark, although the first units will not arrive to customers until the beginning of 2019. It is true, the advancement to the final model is the Audi e-tron prototype, with three electric motors and 503 HP, but the final model itself is still unknown.

Will be a vehicle luxurious and expensive, and will not have a volume of production as, for example, an Audi A4. We think that the reason of opening the bookings on this website of this vehicle is to start a list of potential customers for order, according to reservations, the dates of deliveries, but also to calculate the possible demand. This way, if you have the booking made from today, you will receive the new SUV electric before that of your neighbor, which will make it the next week. You know, that being the first (or the first) in possession of an item luxurious is very fashionable lately.

Audi Spain is asking 2,000 euros to reserve your future electrical model, an amount which, logically, will subsequently be deducted from the total price of the vehicle. In any case, do not think that is a way of placing a potential between the sword and the wall, thus at any time you can cancel the reservation and recover the “signal” of reserves at the cost of losing, that yes, the place row.

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