You can already set up your new Fiat 124 Spider

Fiat 124 Spider configuradorwe Just released the new Fiat 124 Spider and since you can set it up on the official website of Fiat. It is for the moment a configurator very basic that we get to choose between two versions, the color and the ability to appreciate it from different angles. The 124 Spider will start its marketing in Spain soon, and this helps you go by choosing yours.

input, Fiat proposes the versions 124 Spider and 124 Spider Lusso. The first of these is the basic and the second more fitted, although still not have come to light the details of the range to the full. What has been revealed is that the first 124 Spider will be a limited edition 50th anniversary for the whole of Europe.

fiat-124-spider-configurador (1)This version 50th anniversary set his gaze on the equipment and a few details differentiating. Will be a few patches of 50-year anniversary, the red color of the bodywork and mirrors chrome which allow us to differentiate it. The equipment will be composed by headlights Full LED, light sensors and rain, keyless entry and start, browser, or leather upholstery.

Returning to the configurator on the Fiat 124 Spider that is available on the official website of Fiat, offers us two versions with a few visual differences between the two. The basic will LED lights, without the framework of the windshield or the arches of safety chrome, or without the exhaust bezel. Also mounted a wheels of smaller size.

point, we were waiting to know the range that will arrive in Spain with all luxury of details. In addition the range also want to know the price, that could be something more elevated than that of his brother, almost twin, the Mazda MX-5.