You can talk with your Volvo, thanks to Microsoft


When the first SmartWatch began to reach the market the first thing that came to mind was the legendary timepiece with the Michael Knight calling KITT in the ochentera “The fantastic car”. it Was clear that sooner or later we may also do so in terms of the companies aventuraran to use these new wrist devices.

while we’ve already had news of companies that have taken their first step with this technology today is Volvo the who has announced that has developed next to Microsoft a system with which to be able to to communicate with the vehicle through the bracelet smart Microsoft Band 2.

buyers who purchase a car Volvo from the spring of the present year, and incorporate the system Volvo on Call will be able to enjoy new functionalities through voice commands that may be performed when the owner of the vehicle is outside of your vehicle with your Microsoft Band.


Among the functionalities that can be performed can be listed as browsing the internet, turn on the heating, lock/unlock the doors, to perform bursts to locate the vehicle or honk the horn.

Microsoft Band 2 is the latest version of wearable the father of Windows. In addition to functioning as an activity monitor allows you to read messages and text mail, notices, calls and other notifications.