You completely rule out the arrival of a SUV Renault RS

Futuros modelos Renault SportFrom about a year ago the branch sport of Renault, Renault Sport, has been working on the enlargement of the range RS of the brand. The intention was to provide the technology and the tuning of Renault Sport one of the models of the SUV of the brand of a rhombus. The truth is that, having regard to what has been seen, doesn’t sound so far-fetched a Renault Capture RS.

apparently this would be the first model that Renault had in mind, also working on to launch a Kadjar RS. however, a source very close to the mark, has said that “the RS SUV is cancelled”. This is what our colleagues from Motoring. Make a version so it is nothing complicated for a brand, however, believe that it would be easy to monetize investment because they do not believe that I had a high demand.

RENAULT MEGANE III COUPE RENAULT SPORT NBI (D95 RS NBI)The third model to carry the acronym RS was going to be the Renault Capture, even if the mark is never confirmed 100 %. Many were the mules of tests that were, supposedly, with the engine 1.6-liter of 220 hp and 260 Nm, that is to say, the Clio RS220 Trophy, with the change of double clutch and six-speed.

According to the average Motoring, one of the reasons why Renault has not wanted to build a SUV sporty performance, in addition it was not clear that the demand outside the necessary to amortize the small investment, is that did not want to break the legacy of Renault Sport, which has been creating small, high-performance sports since 1999 with the powerful, sporty and fast Clio RS 172.

Renault has the objective that the results of Renault Sport in 2019, in terms of sales is concerned, double the 40,000 cars sold in 2014. Having released a Capture RS price content and not very radical, it is possible that they would have helped a lot, but, however, it would not be a true RS.

Source – Motoring