You don’t have what it takes to tame this old man of 83 years and 900 HP

do You like cars? Of course, yes. Do you know how to pilot machines powerful? I wouldn’t doubt it. But I doubt that you have what it takes to tame the beast that is the “Double Down”. A hot rod based on a 1932 Ford Roadster, one of the most common bases for this type of vehicle. Although the base is not peculiar, yes it is its execution. It is possibly the only hot rod of all-wheel drive ever created. A beast of 900 HP which will soon be auctioned by Barrett Jackson. An elderly man who has a couple of things to tell you.

Possibly be the only hot rod based on a Ford 1932 equipped with a awd system.

even Though you have 83 years of age, this creation is relatively recent. It has been one of the craft projects of the Fuller Hot Rod. The inspiration of this reputable builder have been airplanes of the Second World War – think of the beautiful P-51 Mustang – american in addition to vehicles of the Indy Car Series, an interesting competition cars, “Formula 1” of the united States. The result could not be more exciting. Your body combines the aesthetics in the military with eye-catching colors like black or yellow.

Only a small windshield protects the occupants of the passenger compartment. A speedster on whose front there are many details worthy of mention. The calandra, small and with two holes twins for admission. A suspension type push-rod, similar to the one used in the Indy Car Series and in F1, and part of the front differential, which appears in front of the car. In fact, the situation of the differential has been forced to relocate to the gigantic radiator Griffin in the back of the car, practically on the air.

In the inside of the car there is no place to flourish. Two bacquéts, a steering wheel, a simple instrumentation and a lever, connected to a manual gearbox five relationships. The rest is just bare metal. The “Double Down” a car is radical in its execution, like the motor that moves it. It is a gigantic V8, construction craftsmanship, with a 9.4 liter capacity, designed and built by Jon Kaase. A model Boss 9 prepared by Kurt Urban, with a end power estimated at anything less than 900 HP.

All the power goes to the gigantic slicks, Goodyear 365-mm section. To the four, thanks to permanent all-wheel. A beast that leaves us without words, a performance which is not stated but is supposed to be radicals, thanks to an extremely low weight-to-power.

Source: Carscoops
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