You have not seen a BMW M4 wilder than this

Vorsteiner Months ago we surprised us with a massive body kit ready to bring out the wild side BMW M4 . Today Varis joined the party possibly the most indomitable initiated by Vorsteiner and we present an inordinate BMW M4 coupe, how many have seen.

The preparation of Varis of the body kit Vorsteiner also adding some new wheels and new suspension

The preparation of Varis of the body kit Vorsteiner to take a step further. The carbon fiber discretion available to the front of the hand of a new bonnet, a new splitter and canards but not even stop.

At the rear, accompanying the new diffuser, it featured a wing more like a circuit, a GT3 participating in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring, that a car registered . Outrageous , as indeed is every inch of this spiced BMW M4 .

To learn more about BMW M4

The BMW M4 has a supercharged inline 6-cylinder engine , 3-liter displacement and an output of 431 horses delivered to the rear axle. It is available with automatic or manual gearbox and a convertible body besides the alternative coupe. In Spain part from 91,900 euros .

You can learn more about BMW M3 and M4 in the article “ BMW M3 and M4 Coupe 2014: All about the new sports of Munch”.


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