You have not seen it all: the hot motorized your car can not reach (video)

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to engine? You are wrong. Because you are not ready to process what you are going to see next. Is a bath which has a German motor bike shoes 120 hp power. A four-cylinder that fits more in a sports bike and not an object designed for bathing people. But how many know tubs that are able to turn over 15,000 rpm and are able to make things difficult for car competitions dedicated to promotion?

I doubt you’ve seen

This bath has been created by Hannes Roth , a Swiss who did not know, but for this one we admire. The tub was mounted on a modified chassis kart, and retains its artichoke, which has mounted a camera that records truly surreal images … from the point of view of the shower. What I doubt is that the tub offer some protection to the driver in an accident. Because they have not been designed to protect in case of car accident.

Bathtubs can be constructed in porcelain or metal. The tub looks old, so I think it will almost undoubtedly metal. However, machine weighs just 160 kilos and is capable of reaching 185 km / h . You’ve probably got the tub at a bargain price – or free – to reform some bathroom. What is priceless is the smile of the pilot and the viewers of Bergrennen Reitnau 2015, which has probably left speechless. And you thought you had seen everything.

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