You knew that Ford sells its And-Series vans with a V10 motor of 6.8 liters?

Today I bring a brief curiosity to you from the other side of the pool. In the middle of the 90, Ford replaced its very old 7,5 motors V8 of commercial use – pick-UPS, vans and light trucks – by a new called motor V10 Triton, based on the design of 5.4 liters and eight cylinders worn for the first time in the F-150. With two cylinders and 1.4 liters additional of piston displacement, this propellent continues being available in multitude of vehicles of Ford range. Ford And-Series is special, for being the only vans of the world in taking a V10 of 6.8 liters under the hood.

In a moment, Ford And-Series will be replaced by the Transit, and the V10 will disappear of the vans.

V8 Triton almost shared 65% of its pieces with the 5,4, and when it was sent in 1997, its only 265 power was of CB. The propellent has been evolving, and today power CB develops 305. It is a correct number for a motor of low regime of turn – rpm gives its maximum power to 4,250 – thought with the long term durability about mind. Neither direct injection, nor turboalimentaciĆ³n. Two valves by cylinder. More than its power, its enormous maximum pair of 570 is more important Nm, available in its totality to only 3,250 rpm.


Although Ford offers V8 motors turbodiĆ©sel for commercial use, many clients still prefer the V10. Although their consumptions are terrible – they throw average of 20 liters to 100 km – are more trustworthy long term than the complexes PowerStroke V8 and they are offered with kits of conversion to lpg and GNC from factory. Motor they are very tried, associated to an automatic gear box of six relations. Besides in And-Series, they are offered in F-Series, whenever we do not lower of Ford F-250, already dedicated to heavy tasks.

Ah, and with a suitable escape sounds as never you would hope that a van sounds. You must arrive until the end of the video to listen to it.

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