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During our recent articles Flee Traffic initiative we’ve told you what the car of the future and the benefits of the future city. However, we are still in 2015, and although we’ve already given a few tips to avoid wasting time driving, the reality is that in many cases bottlenecks remain inevitable discomfort . When all is lost, do not despair and read these tips . They will help you get stressed as little as possible and be more efficient. You earn money and health.

Avoid getting into the jam

Plan your route before you get the car. Or at least take a look.

it seems silly, but it’s not. The best way to beat a traffic jam is not to get into this jam. Our browsers, our smartphone and free services of real-time traffic – such as TomTom Traffic Live or Google Maps – you can tell us in advance if we are to find our path jams. If so, they offer alternative routes. If you know the area – your way to work, for example – you can take the pulse of the city. Perhaps out a few minutes earlier or later, you avoid the bulk of retention.

curiosidades-multas-trafico-03-1440px Know your city, know your route, and rule . If you see that traffic starts to get too dense, maybe you can stroll or take an alternative route that will make you more mileage, but will prevent waste time. It is also suitable keep abreast of the events in your city : a football game or a huge concert that certain areas will become completely blocked by traffic. Anticipation and knowledge. Even so, sometimes we can not help but fall in traffic did not expect.

Do not despair

Stay hydrated and stay calm. Aggressiveness is contagious.

This is the first basic rule, and a rule that is much easier said than comply. I am the first to get stressed considerably with traffic, and I assure you that is not good for anyone’s health. Try to relax as much as possible : listening to music, looks away if you are completely stopped. Give the kids something to do or read, be quiet and entertained. The last thing you want in a jam are bothering children fighting or the situation is stressful enough.

menores-asientos-delanteros-3-1440px it is evolving: we are still trapped and helpless in our cage on wheels. So we rationalize as much as possible these times of stress and know that sooner or later will end jam. If retention is especially intense and take minutes without moving a centimeter we recommend that you turn off the engine – unless the air conditioning necessary – in order to undermine the already high fuel consumption involved a jam. It will also help reduce your stress level.

Keep the kids busy and hydrated. They may suffer much in traffic.

In fact, it is most advisable in a tunnel, where the concentration of harmful gases can increase exponentially. Listen to the radio and forewarned of information services and news stations : they can inform you of the duration and retention purposes, as well as informative panels on the road itself. If retention goes for long, seeking an alternative route or fail to go in the first service area and have a coffee. You will rest and avoid retention part.


Learn to move in traffic

Unless you must leave the road soon, we recommend that you stay in your lane , whatever it is. The mere fact be changing every few lanes get only increase your stress and that of other drivers, and believe me you will not get before. Be gentle with the accelerator and brake , do not start accelerating strong if you’re going to have to stop in a few tens of meters. Gently’ll save fuel and avoid unnecessary wear on the mechanical components of your car.

Be respectful to other drivers and be respectful to you. Be civil.

leaves a clearance convenient with the car that you follow. Not talking about a distance in which fit a truck, it is not drive 30 centimeters from his rear bumper. Avoid any hints that may be the “icing on the cake” to a Sunday afternoon. A very important factor in traffic – and increasingly rare – is respect . If you must incorporate a collapsed road, do not skip road markings and try to sneak “getting nose”. Wait your turn in the queue.

personalidades-de-los-conductores Although it seems counterintuitive, speeds up the jam and you will end sooner than you think. Similarly, if you respect this rack must let others into traffic. Do not you insist on blocking the way to another car and you improve the fluidity of this retention. Finally, watch the fuel level. It may seem silly, but your car can consume 20 l / 100 km in severe retention, and maybe you should stop to refuel. If you have to stay with three keys:. Anticipation, respect, calm

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