You know the electric car more efficient in the world


despite the fact that the large car manufacturers are engaged in the development of new electric models do not forget that among universities are held competitions like racing electric cars and this is a great incentive for students of the technological take out all your ingenuity to develop vehicles like the one that we’re going to see.

The team TUfast Eco is the developer of eLi14, an electric vehicle racing designed for the Shell Eco Marathon. It was conceived, how the more efficient vehicle in the world that, following a review in your engine, was able to get this title.

The average power consumption is of 1232 km/kWh, something like 0.009 liters of gasoline per 100 km in a combustion engine. With this the car could travel 10.956 miles with the equivalent a liter of gasoline of 95 octane.


The aerodynamics and the lightness of the vehicle, the position and size of the wheels, the car and its efficient engine were the elements that have made this vehicle the World Guinness Record for electric vehicles more efficient.

even Though the vehicle is not commercial, sure that will catch the attention of large manufacturers and they will pick up ideas to develop new electric motors more efficient.