You know the 'guts' of a Formula And


The Formula And enjoys a good health level, sport and media, but as a category of recent foundation, still hides many secrets. One of the most unknown for fans is the mechanics that fit inside the cars electrical that make up the championship. Although for the second season have been liberalized, some components such as the engine, transmission or rear suspension, some other items like batteries or the chassis are standard. All in all, the organization wanted to show how it is a Formula And inside through a video very illustrative.

By size, weight, and function, the most important element of a Formula And are the batteries. Developed by Williams Advanced Engineering, department dependent of Williams F1, the batteries are encompassed in a closed box high protection containing in its interior hundreds of cells with lithium-ion. The weight of these cells is 200 pounds and is equivalent to 300 computer battery or 4000 batteries of mobile. These batteries have an energy capacity of 28 kWh, that arrive to the motor through the inverter to this to convert it to real power.

A Formula E has three power levels. The maximum level is 200 kW, that is to say, about 270 HP. Race mode (power-saving) is set to 170 kW, equivalent to 228 horses. This is the power basic that is used in each race, while the FanBoost allow you to use during a time window of 100 Kj of extra energy to go to the 200 kW. This power is generated thanks to the work of the two parts of the engine, the stator is the fixed part of a rotating machinery and rotor, the moving part. The transmission carries this power to the wheels, but the best thing will be to see it for yourself.