You know the Porsche 911 R in person with this video from Geneva

we bring in exclusive a video that you commented in Spanish Porsche 911 R from the living Room of Geneva. This impressive special edition of the sports that will delight fans more purists, and who will be prey for the collectors because we are clear that it will become a future classic.

Although it will not be easy to get the job that your limited production of 991 units (the number that refers to the code of the model) are already sold even before what we’ve seen. Your price in Spain is, or rather was, 217.469 € not much more than the cost of a 911 GT3’s that you take various parts.


The Porsche 911 R is the edition most purist of the current generation

at this point, If you don’t know what makes it so special to this Porsche 911 R you already telling us: his manual switching. For anything disregard the thruster maximum power of 500 HP coupled on the rear axle able to turn 8.250 rpm, inherited from the 911 GT3 competition, but it is certainly the experience of to handle it with a manual change what makes this sport unique.

A manual change to the enjoyment

Their features are somewhat diminished since the PDK, the best sports automatic transmission that exists, what makes something faster and more efficient with respect to the consumption, but it is a small price to pay for enjoying a manual change of six speeds, short trips, designed for the enjoyment in the circuit. Anyway their benefits remain impressive: 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 sec and 323 km/h maximum.

Its configuration is specially focused for our track-days with a limited-slip differential mechanical rear, train, directional rear for reactions that are more direct and large disks ceramic braces hidden behind the alloy wheels monotuerca of 20 inches.

Other details that make it great is that this is the 911 lighter. Pesa 50 kg less than that of the GT3 RS thanks to the use of lightweight materials like magnesium and carbon, as well as to move the sound equipment and the browser as optional elements. Components that are unnecessary for our laps.