“You like to lead” the gadget of the four wheels: the advertising surrendered to technology and entertainment

it is often interesting to make an exercise of analysis of advertising. For years in motor we do. We analyze the advertising that is broadcast on television, we are aware of the advertising spaces in prime time, the marks which premiered actions, the focus of those actions, the aggressiveness of the campaigns, and so on. We do so because in the background we know that this advertising is also a reflection of the interest that puts the customer in the new models that arrive at dealers. Something very important also if you see yourself immersed in a project so focused on the sale and to advise the buyers and What car do I buy?.

One of the aspects that has most surprised me in recent years is how the advertising has centered the focus on the technology. The advertising always has to be a attractive touch, a musical line is catchy, a message with which make a deep impression on the one who is deciding your purchase, but in the past few years, most of the ads have evolved into a central theme common, the technology, especially driving aids, equipment, comfort and entertainment systems. In the background the car manufacturers have imposed a model of advertising actions very similar to the campaigns of technology as Apple, which split up more and more of its advertising investment of the mere transmission of feelings and brand image, to show us in the clearest and most concise possible use cases that can be solved with your vehicle.

What’s funny is that usually we do not talk about extras new milestone for the industry, but systems are increasingly widespread, common (even if only as an option) in a very large number of cars.

That it was the intention of Opel in the new advertisement of the Corsa and its parking systems “hands-free” automation of parking maneuvers, such as must-have technology to get around the city. What is essential to this technology? I honestly do not think that it is, and less on a small car. What is interesting is that the client knows of the existence of the technology? Opel thinks so, and in addition it looks like a good argument for purchase, with an announcement of a juggling act (the Corsa parking between towers of glass vessels), and a sound line inspired by one of the brightest moments of the recent movies, and that drum solo, bass drum, hi-hat, and box, of Birdman.

The same case we found precisely in the Ford Kuga, to remind us that it is already available with SYNC 2 with a touch screen, and functions as interesting as the search for business, see a hotel, from its navigation equipment.

Precisely Ford also opted for introducing us, in a way even funny, its technology and opening the boot for “hands-free” in the Ford Ecosport. Other technology very common in cars today.

Definitely seems that the technology, without necessarily being a breakthrough that will mark a milestone in the industry, sells and attracts consumers to the dealerships.

The thread of the famous slogan of “do you like driving?” BMW, the German brand has evolved and, of course, revised their advertising campaigns. And although it has also been very much conditioned by this new order to convey the technology of its products, in a picturesque way, and appealing to their potential customers, yet still keeping some of that spirit with ads in 45 seconds do not need more than 5 seconds to show you the car and give us his spirit, the new “when driving, driving”.

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