You say what you say, the danger is not the “sticks-selfie”

bats are dangerous-selfie? Good question. In recent months we have seen this kind of pole, we used to “extend” our arm and photograph us, has begun to be banned in many events and spaces. We talk about museums like the Louvre (France24), where they are concerned that generate discomfort and even the threat to the artworks. We talk about amusement parks like Disney California Adventure, in which a roller coaster had to close for more than an hour by a stick on the rails (Washington Post) have precipitated. We talk even music festivals (Forbes). Even in the rally they are starting to be a problem. And the wheel, I assure you, the stick-selfie is not a good idea.

Why are banning the sticks-selfie in museums, amusement parks and even festivals?

few weeks ago, an innocent video of a gang in his car singing became a viral today is now in more than 5 million views . All is well – except for the fact that much of tune – until you begin to hear the rattle of the soundtracks that define the lane that runs the car, and eventually fail (Mashable)


In recent weeks, this concern for the sticks with which immortalize our best moments, also came to the latest viral advertising campaign for Pizza Hut . A campaign that, if it is true grotesquely exaggerated the problems generated by these clubs, is quite right.

is prohibited to use a stick-selfie in the car? If the driver holding it, you need not that I remember so, because obviously the distance or not, you are manipulating a communication system, mobile. Even in the event that it is holding the stick one of the passengers, we have seen the consequences of a loss of attention by the driver can be fatal. And for the same reason that an agent could be fined on the grounds that you are not keeping attention to driving, to use a smarwatch, if this interprets the use of post-selfie by a passenger is interfering in our care, we’ll get a nice fine.

And we return to the question with which we began. bats are dangerous-selfie And after apparently think we can now respond shamelessly following: not-selfie bats are not dangerous. What is really dangerous is human stupidity , the unconsciousness of it manipulates.

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