You try to bribe a police officer with his BMW X6!

Precios del nuevo BMW X6 para España.The attempt of bribe to cops is nothing new. There are countries in which is the bread of every day happening that even they themselves ask for that a bribe, or “the bite”, as it is known in many regions, if you want to give you passage, or to prevent you from multen. If we limited ourselves to read the first few words of the title that heads these lines, or perhaps if you want we would have the temptation continue reading, bribery is the order of the day. But is that, what is funny about this event, is what is being used as a bribe, a whole brand-new BMW X6.

Occurred in Romania. A driver decided to take his vehicle, a BMW X6, after having taken some or some more cups. In a control of the police was stopped and, for logical reasons, the officer was about to report her for driving under the influence of alcohol. Although this driver was not ready to face the responsibilities of such a practice is illegal and that, not believed the best way out of the step to offer his own car, the BMW X6 of which you speak, to try to bribe the police.

nuevo-bmw-x6-traserain Spite of the succulent of the offer, the German is one of the SUV’s most beautiful and desired in the market, the police eventually arrested both the driver and the passenger, who had also participated in the attempt to bribe. Both will spend thirty days in prison awaiting the judge’s sentencing, facing some serious charges. And that is, to the crime of drunk driving is in addition the attempt to bribe a police officer.

apparently is not the first time that this driver is the looks with the justice. Some time ago the same was arrested for also driving under the influence of alcohol and not submitting a legal documentation.

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