You will be able to operate your Hyundai with voice commands with Google Home


New features thanks to Google’s Home.

At CES 2017 Hyundai will be presenting its latest developments in the areas of infotainment and connectivity, led by the new features of Blue Link Agent and its integration with Google Assistant. These open up new pathways to the users of the hyundai brand to operate your car remotely.

by Using voice commands, the user you can control at a distance and from your smartphone, certain parameters of your vehicle, as may be some of your devices or starting the engine.

The possibilities are very broad, from the distance we can tell our car to turn on and the climate control has a certain temperature for when we get really to the vehicle, which is ideal on days of extreme temperatures, such as in summer or in winter, and all this through a simple voice command.


The Ioniq will be able to manage their load times from your mobile.

This technology is born ffruit of the collaboration between Hyundai and Google, will be presented at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in las Vegas to be applied soon to the vehicles of the hyundai brand.

For the moment we do not know when will be available these new features at the dealership, but not within a long time and will be available both in Europe and in the united States.

One of the models that the brand has confirmed it will be the Ioniq, that thanks to this new application will allow the user to manage load times Ioniq plug-in remotely.