You will get further: 250 km of autonomy for the renewed Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf remains the world’s best selling electric car, although possibly the Tesla Model S will exceed soon – if they have not already done so. Anyway, it’s a car with a 100% general guidance, and spent nearly five years in the market. The Nissan Leaf has been renewed gradually, and one of the major renovations arrives in Frankfurt. We speak of a battery capacity of 30 kWh with which their autonomy increases to 250 km between charges . When launched the Leaf, its autonomy was only 160 km.

30 kWh for a new high-performance battery

Although weighs 21 kilos more, the battery offers 50 km of autonomy bonus.

The new high performance battery of the Nissan Leaf has a new interior design architecture and new chemical elements. It has introduced carbon, nitrogen and magnesium in the electrodes, which together with the modification of its internal organization, have managed the almost 50 additional km of autonomy from the previous 24 kWh battery. The good news is that this battery is only 21 kg heavier than the previous battery and has the same dimensions .

nissan-leaf-2016-7 therefore does not lose the car trunk or interior space. The figure of 250 km of autonomy is not yet approved, but corresponds to a half cycle NEDC European. Nissan says l as load and battery charging are comparable to those of the previous battery. If we are fortunate to have about a quick charger – the network is already much more widespread – we charge 80% of the battery in half an hour. Nissan has also increased the guarantee of the battery, which is now covered for 8 years or 160,000 kilometers.

In 2013 tried a Nissan Leaf for no less than one month. We tell you everything.

Unless it’s a taxi will arrive before 8 years in most cases. Other highlights of the 2016 Nissan Leaf model is a redesigned antenna, new body colors and new infotainment system. Nissan Connect is called VE . With this system we can control through an app loading our car remotely and monitor their status. He is optimized for electric cars the system so that its functions have map with charging points and routes aimed at maximizing autonomy.

nissan-leaf-2016-8 Ultimately, this improvement has led the Nissan Leaf a better electric car palpably . Until Tesla launches its Model 3, will continue to enjoy a privileged position in the market.

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