You would not want to have been there: the five worst jams history #huyedeltrafico


jams consume our time and money and cause us stress. But luckily end, arrived at our home and we forget about them. However, there have been jams that make a mockery of those deductions half-hour daily endure , or even four-hour jam that you lived that day it snowed. We speak of days, hundreds of kilometers or extreme weather conditions. Sometimes, all together. Trust us, you would not want to have been there. These are the five worst traffic jams in history .

1) Beijing, China (2010)

The jam took more than half a month to unwind completely. Half a month of constant deductions, day and night.

This is considered the worst traffic jam in history, and it happened in one of the most chaotic countries. Although accustomed to traffic hundreds of thousands of Chinese were caught in the China National Highway 110 (G110) and the Beijing-Tibet Expressway (G6). Several factors coincided: works and a return operation in August. This route traffic grew 40% annually in the years before the incident, and when the big traffic jam, vehicle occupancy exceeded 60% of its design specifications.

atascos-mayores-mundo A giant jam collapsed to complete the highway for more than half a month , with traffic stopped more than 100 kilometers. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Some drivers took five days to break the impasse, and some could only move the car a kilometer a day. The heat, the shortage of food and fuel shortages came to create a parallel economy , with street vendors in the area that took advantage to sell basic food prices three times higher than the real.

2) Berlin, Germany (1990)

Border controls were still in force that spring of 1990, Germany was still in the process of unification.

When the Berlin Wall fell in the autumn of 1989 , millions of Germans living in the eastern part of that divided Germany, wanted to cross over. Family reunion, old friends, a new world for millions of people. One of the most endearing historic moments of recent times. And one of the worst traffic jams ever created. It happened at Easter 1990. The roads connecting the two Germanys were not nice places that week.

atascos-historia-1 With displacement means half a million cars a day, the Easter saw these figures increased 36 times: 18 million people used the same road in both directions. However, longer jams were no more than 50 kilometers, and many Germans preferred to use buses. In Berlin many crossed the border on foot. The problem was that these deductions border controls were still in force, and were the cause of many delays. Almost more than the traffic volume itself.

3) Woodstock, New York (1969)

peace, free love and the best festivalero sign of the times. Nobody wanted to miss the Woodstock festival.

If someone does not know Woodstock Music & Arts Festival 1969 , probably you have not lived on this planet. The festival was held in mid-August 1969, in some camps in Bethel, a small town in upstate New York. The problem was that an attendance of 50,000 people expected, and ended up going about 500,000 people. A zero can make much difference. The New York State Thruway became a stationary trap for hundreds of thousands of people.

atascos-historia-4 Many decided to leave their vehicles in the jam and walk to the festival. I understand they do not want to miss the concert of Jimi Hendrix or the promise of free love under the trees of the farm Max Yagur. Jam lasted for almost a week, and it was so serious that many artists had to fly in helicopters to Woodstock to the inability to access by road. Perhaps the state police should have heeded the organizers and plan alternate paths.

4) Lyon-Paris, France (1980)

it have been better for many ski back to Paris.

It has been classified as jam farther in history, although it was not one of the most durable or particularly serious traffic jams in history. In any case, a jam that stretches for 175 km is not a jam to be taken lightly. The combination of factors was given in this case was a return of winter in the Alps with inclement weather. It seems incredible that a combination of seemingly usual factors would lead to longer jam – in distance -. Ever recorded

5) Chicago, Illinois (2011)

The unforeseen weather conditions are often a source of constant traffic jams.

The jam that formed in 2011 in the winter – under normal conditions – idyllic Lake Shore Drive has been considered one of the most extreme of all time. Not for long, or locked away, but by the harshness of the weather that caused it. Suddenly rush hour, a huge winter storm hit Chicago on the evening of February 1, 2011. In just a few minutes half a meter of snow was formed on some cars had to stop .

atascos-historia-2 literally snow buried much of the cars on the highway at the time. Those who were close to an exit left their car and were walking, facing well below zero freezing temperatures. Many were left in his car , which at least had heating. Until municipal vehicles began to rescue those who were trapped in their cars spent more than 12 hours. I would not have seen me in your situation.

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