You’ll be able to book the new Nissan GT-R in April, but… will it be more expensive?

Nissan has heard our prayers and has introduced an improved passenger compartment in the Nissan GT-R, 2017. Yes, in addition is more powerful and has some other new detail aesthetic, but even more urgent was the renewal of your passenger compartment, now, how will this evolution in an increase of its price? don’t know Yet, what we do know is that soon, very soon, you’ll be able to buy.

In previous washes face Nissan increased the price of the GT-R, what will happen now?

The marketing of this new Nissan GT-R is scheduled for the upcoming month of April, so over the next month we should have new details about its price and about as will be articulated range of the Nissan GT-R, 2017.

we are Currently with a catalog that is orchestrated around a Nissan GT-R Black Edition by 107.550 euros, a Nissan GT-R Track Edition by 121.250 euros and a Nissan GT-R Nismo’s 600 horses and 150,000 euros.

can Increase your price the Nissan GT-R? In previous updates this has happened and has increased the price, justifying it thanks to the innovations introduced. In addition, reviewed the current range of the GT-R is inevitable not to wonder about the possibility that there is a also renewed version Nismo.


A brief summary about the Nissan GT-R, 2017, what’s new? You what we have in 10 points:

While we wait impatient to Nissan Spain, we inform the prices for this renewed version, it should be recalled that in the Nissan GT-R, 2017, we have introduced the following elements:

* It has increased the power of the V6. Now it has 570 horses. 20 horses more.
* has Also increased its torque, counting now with 637 Nm.
* smoothing transitions of its gearbox.
* Their sound has improved thanks to the presence of a new exhaust system.
* Aesthetically we find as a main novelty with a new grill.
* Neither can we ignore its new tires.
* increased rigidity and revised suspension.
* It has redesigned its dashboard.
* Wet its finish and appearance thanks to a new siding.
* It has reduced the number of buttons and you have installed a new multimedia system.