You’ll be able to follow live the presentation of the new truck Tesla

Planned for the 26th of October, the new truck of the american company will be released on the 17th of November at 5 in the morning. Californians have already shown several photos revealing the silhouette of a cargo vehicle that aims to revolutionize the market and the way of transporting goods around the world.

on the other hand, the presentation, which will be held in Hawthorne, California, coincides with the opening of the new official store of Tesla in Madrid. Located in the Serrano street, 3, the american brand opened so their first store in Madrid a month after it premiered in Barcelona.

The delay of the truck of Tesla occurred due to the problems that had -and still have – with the Model 3. The initial figures estimated a production of 1600 when the company was only able to produce 260. Even so, to the end of the year we expect 20,000 new Model 3.

“The new truck Tesla will make your mind explode and turn into a new alternative dimension. I just need to find my gun creates portals…” he said very excited about Elon Musk in a tweet.

Very soon we will know as this is new car of the american company. According to its founder, Elon Musk, the behavior of the truck is very agile and it seems that you were driving a sports for your good set up, although this type of automobile is not designed for it.

Tesla also said that its vehicle load will be up to the couple both in autonomy and in torque with respect to the trucks traditional moved by diesel. Without a doubt, with a good infrastructure of rapid chargers, the way of transporting the loads may charge a new dimension.

Meanwhile, nothing is known about the price, and we do not expect it to be anything cheap. Things seem to go well in the california-based company, although its recent results indicate the opposite, we will see if with this new release Tesla manages to take off the flight.

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