Youngtimer's Club, new 6to6 for sporting classics

If the popular and successful events and appointments organized by the team of 6to6 you seem to be the perfect occasion to enjoy in person the beauty of authentic sporting high-end gathered in various places of the Spanish geography, now the lovers of the classics will be out of luck with the birth of Youngtimer”s Club.

Classics with a youthful spirit. The latemotiv of Youngtimer’s Club

despite the fact that in essence, appointments, and meetings will be similar, Youngtimer”s Club maintains a philosophy and approach to car other than that aims to bring together the same passion for the car that were rampant various legends like Steve McQueen, James Hunt or James Dean, the legendary gentleman drivers.


And is that the protagonists this time will be classic car cutting sports golden years of the Vintage Motorsport, parts performance luxury previous to the 90’s that it would be a shame to keep in the garage when you can still enjoy a second youth.

In fact, the past January 21 took place its first meeting with a organized route, with road book and a visit to the Collection Vilanova, one of the private collections of the most interesting in Catalonia, the appointment to which there was no shortage of vehicles of the size of the Morgan 4/4, Ferrari 512 TR or the Porsche 911 Carrera (964) among others.


With the experience and know-how of 6to6, we can ensure a good future to your brand new focused on the modern classics; in fact, his second meeting arrives the next month with the area of the Empordà Catalan as the main protagonist.