Your child will ask you to buy a Dragonfly, and do not, it will not be to fly

LibélulaThe latest reports on youth and use of the new technologies put the new generations as the least concerned by having a car on property. These young people are more concerned about being connected the network of networks and share your life in networks social and spaces in the cloud that by removing the card lead and feel in your skin the beautiful sensation of freedom that a car provides.

in Addition we must add to this situation the criminalization of the car as an element pollutant. The society “in his great group” blames the car for the contamination of the cities and their environments, but are not able to aim the other actors that are also involved in this situation. However there is still room for the hope since some companies are agree that to the children when they are young they like the cars and it is there where your business is.

LibélulaYoung Driver is a group of self English schools that has been set in the children and their taste for cars. For the occasion, together with an external company, have created a small electric vehicle that can be driven by children from the 5 to 10 years. This car, which has been baptized as “Dragonfly”, it has two small batteries rechargeable and with them you can achieve maximum speed 16 Km/h.

LibélulaAs this model is thought to be used by children must have measures for your protection and included among them is a system of brake discs and a independent suspension. In addition to these, each car has a system of security patented exclusively for this model. In this case, the small vehicle has several sensors spread throughout the body to detect obstacles and in this way stop the vehicle to avoid an impact.

in Addition, for the parents are even more quiet, can be controlled by a command at a distance. In this way the child is confined only to enjoy the driving since all of the functions will be directed from the hand of the parent.

we Hope that more auto schools sign up to the idea and begin to instill to our children the passion driving and road safety.

Source – Young Driver