Your first steps in SimRacing


The rise of the simulators is evident from a long time ago and, in the case of motorsports, there are a number of options that each user can choose to start in this exciting world. The level of realism and sophistication that each developer has achieved in the fields of graphics, the behavior of the cars or the recreation of the competitions is such that, if you want to highlight, you have to invest time and money in a considerable way.

But if something has the SimRacing (anglo-saxon term commonly used to define the simulation runs), is that it can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want. A console or a PC mid-range may be enough to immerse yourself in the world of simulation. Or you can also opt to ride in your home, almost literally, to the chassis of a race car with sequential shift, multi-function steering wheel and glasses virtual reality for putting on your monkey and get out to the track to fight for the victory… and huge jackpots.

Driving a McLaren MP4-31 Formula 1, a Porsche 919 Hybrid from resistance, a Chevrolet of the NASCAR or a Ferrari 488 GT3 in the Blancpain Series is set to your scope of affordable way. And what makes offering sensations amazing without running the slightest risk physical.

do PC or console?

currently there are several simulators available on the market, but the choice of medium has its importance, because depending on your needs, one may be more suitable than the other.

consoles have countless arcade-style games (aimed at the fun and not the simulation), but very few titles that truly reflect the feelings of being at the controls of a car. Some, like Gran Turismo (platform that helped him to Lucas Ordóñez to spend SimRacer to professional pilot), Forza Motorsport or the official games of Formula 1 offer something more than a simple arcade game, but they do not have the level of complexity and sensations that provide

The PC is another story, and products such as iRacing, RFactor 2, ‘automobilista or Assetto Corsa offer a realism beyond any doubt, even to reproduce the wear of the tires or the evolution of the track at the beginning of the end of the week or after a rain unexpected.

As contrapunto, the PC requires a few minimum requirements that are closer to the computers of high range graphics cards and processors very to keep in mind.

The best simulators

Taking into account the popularity they have reached, the sensations that they offer, and the possibilities of competition online that they provide to the pilot virtual, we can establish three simulators main.


The King of the world competition, iRacing offers a range of competitions is considerable and, most importantly, the most regulated and controlled as possible. This simulator was released in 2008 and is handled entirely from his own website. In it you must subscribe to be able to use it and, after purchasing a basic package with thirteen cars and fourteen circuits, you have access to a wide range of cars and additional circuits for which you have to pay individually.

But what, surely, is pounding out a good part of the SimRacers from all over the world is its system of competition and, above all, their control of the behavior and level of drivers through licensing and what they called iRating. In light of this, establishing licenses and ratings that allow the game to classify your level in order to that, when you compete, do it against drivers like you. In this way, the level of fun is multiplied exponentially and the risk of ruined your career for the fault of a pilot neglected, is considerably reduced.

in Addition, there are championships of the world class that can be used to earn thousands of dollars after you’ve carved out a sporting career is creditable and consistent. Without going more far, iRacing organizes three championships at a global level based on the Formula 1, NASCAR and the Blancpain GT Series that feature live broadcasts, announcers, realization of television and awards at metálico.

Mensual 13$
Trimestral 33$
Anual 110$
Bianual 199$
additional Cars 11,95$
additional Circuits 11,95 to 14,95$


The second version of RFactor came in 2012 and his strong realism is to simulate the reactions of the cars, even to faithfully reproduce the evolution of the tires or the track during the competition.

Another of the positive points of RFactor is that anyone who has computer knowledge to do this you can create a mod (or, simplifying, a car) with which to compete. Each one depends on the realism and quality of the final product, but now there are some that come to incorporate things such as the management of the MGU-K from the steering wheel as in the case of the McLaren MP4-30.

there are Also championships that there is even a group of judges who are responsible for the cleaning of the competition, although the same, being decentralized, occurs in a more independent and modest. You can test a demo before purchasing the program and install it on your computer through the download service or to receive a DVD at home.

Price: 29,99 €

Assetto Corsa

The simulator Italian made by Kunos has as strong points his exquisite graphics and physical, as well as the circuits scanned by a laser -something that has also been done in iRacing-. It also has licenses for brands such as Ferrari, Toyota, BMW, or Mercedes and offers support for mods, in addition to being available in some consoles such as PlayStation 4 or XBox.

The experts also highlight the quality of the Force Feedback (movements of the steering wheel in function of the track and pianos that give more realism to the experience), as well as the sound of the cars. In addition to the game itself, Assetto Corsa provides additional packages under prior payment that include more vehicles and circuits.

Price: 29,99 €

a Whole world to your measure

In short, the SimRacing suited to your tastes and needs. Investment moderate or high technology. Simple fun, or dedication with economic aspirations. Cars or cars of low power. But, yes, adrenaline and passion for racing are guaranteed.