Youtubers and social networks: it is as well as Michelin and BlaBlaCar want young people to conduct themselves with the safety

last Thursday we went to an event sponsored by Michelin and BlaBlaCar. The tire manufacturer and the platform of car-sharing unite to present us a project called Trendy Drivers. A very synthetic, trying to to promote safe driving among young people by relying on personalities of the Internet and the intensive use of social networks. why direct this campaign to young people? Because traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in those between the ages of 18 and 29 years old.

Michelin and BlaBlaCar want young people to generate trend for your good habits and safety behind the wheel.

According to data from the DGT, in 2014 lost their lives in traffic accidents 233 people between the ages of 18 and 29 years. It is precisely the group that goes for the corporate social responsibility initiative Trendy Drivers. To support driving safely and without distractions – especially mobile phone use – Michelin and BlaBlaCar premiered a program recommendations based on the 10 “Golden Rules” of the FIA. Will be communicated to your target audience with the help of characters to which young people continue to motu proprio, five youtubers.

Specifically, we talk about Cheeto, Antón Lofer, iLeo and the couple of girls Around the Corner. Popular characters, especially Cheeto – disciple of The Rubius – with 1.5 million subscribers. Will be the protagonists of a roadtrip in BlaBlaCar and twelve videos, which will be published with frequency bi-monthly in the social channels of the program, Trendy Drivers. The initiative has opened up profiles in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you will be able to follow the wanderings of these influencers of the digital world.

On the website of the platform will be carried out competitions to raise awareness on road promoted by the partners of the initiative.

in Addition to the social profiles, have opened a web page (link here) as a platform for the initiative. In this website we gather the tips based on the 10 Golden Rules of the FIA, as well as the content generated by their ambassadors. The project also counts with the collaboration of Cristina Pedroche, and the support of three characters of the “universe Michelin”: the expiloto motorcycle road racer Fonsi Nieto, chef Dabiz Muñoz – I always thought that was David, not Dabiz – and the double champion of the Dakar in a motorcycle and car Nani Roma.

michelin-trendy-1Is a laudable effort, however, I believe that the only but you can put it on the use an own platform. Although the youtubers use their social channels to promote the initiative to a greater or lesser extent, the videos of which will be the protagonists will be published only on the YouTube channel of Michelin. Has more than 8,000 subscribers, compared to the millions that follow the youtubers. The same can be said of the accounts of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The scope may be more limited than desired.

it Is undeniable that the use of youtubers famous is a great success, the potential of reaching the target audience is tremendous, if you explode your social media to fund. We are confident that the platform gain enough traction as to the scope of the campaign is to be successful.