Yvan Muller returns to the WTCC as a pilot test of Volvo


The association between Yvan Muller and Volvo it was a question
after the test conducted by the French with the Volvo S60 TC1 in Portugal.
However, the relationship between both parties has now been defined, the entire time
Yvan Muller has joined Polestar Cyan Racing as a driver of development and
senior advisor
. In this way, the four-time champion of the WTCC will help time
partial to lead the Swedish firm, until the title of the World’s passenger Cars,
lens that has marked the structure of Swedish after the good level shown by the
Volvo S60 TC1
during his first season in the WTCC.

Although Yvan Muller will not compete as a pilot officer
Volvo, as they came to protest at times, the presence of the four
times champion of the WTCC in the test of the Volvo S60 TC1 and within the team is
a very important step for Polestar Cyan Racing, every time that the experience
the team in the WTCC is limited, in all areas. In this aspect, the
critical of Muller can be the perfect complement to the speed that
have Thed Björk, Néstor Girolami and Nicky Catsburg
, that will work with elbow
with elbow throughout the season.

Yvan Muller will be at the controls of the Volvo S60 TC1 in the
official test of the preseason
, an event will take place between days 14 and 15 of
march in Monza. However, the champion in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2013, and has exercised
this role of pilot development from the past 1 January, even without the confirmation
official its links with the team: Begin a collaboration with
Polestar Cyan Racing is something that pleased me much
. Made a great development
during his first season and we have made progress interesting during this
winter. I hope to continue working with them and to develop both the car as
the team