Yves Matton: “In 2017 was not possible to buy Ogier”


With the departure of Volkswagen Motorsport in the WRC, many took for granted that Sébastien Ogier would end up signed by Citroën Racing. However, this option was not possible, since the abrupt departure of the German manufacturer came when the French firm was already practically his computer closed. as Well as recognizes Yves Mattón, pattern Citroën WRC. The belgian says that it was not possible to sign Sebastien Ogier to 2017, but does not hide its interest in the French meet again with Citroen in the future. In fact, Matton leaves open the doors of the team to be their pilot in a subtle way.

there was No question of break and come back with the commitment that we had with our young riders, Lefebvre and Breen. It does not mean that you never do anything with it, but in 2017 it was not possible to buy Ogier has explained Yves Mattón in statements to ‘Motorsport.com’, in which he added: “we Announced our strategy before seeing as Volkswagen announced their exit from the championship and we are very disappointed not to see them there, because the idea was to fight against the champion. We have a lot of respect for what he has done to Ogier, but we have a strategy and this fits in with our DNA. We are accustomed to promote young drivers”.


In this line, Yves Matton explains that the decision is therefore
consistent and accurate: “No, I do not regret. it was Not possible to provide
not even a test when we talked with him
. I think that our
situation is different. Citroën is able to make a competitive car and
we are not in the position in which we have to try to Ogier that
we are able to make a good car. From very early on, we said that
there is a possibility to join Citroën for 2017, so that there is that
to maintain the level of confidentiality of a car like this
. There is that
keep their secrets until the end”.

With this decision, Yves Matton has also clarified
Stéphane Lefebvre and Craig Breen will share the second Citroën C3 WRC until
that the other units end up coming to the competition:Meeke will make the
championship full
. For his part, Lefebvre and Breen are going to alternate, because the
the beginning of the season we only have two cars. Lefebvre will be part of the Rally
Monte carlo with the new car and after what will be flying Breen in Sweden. So
we will make during the first four rallies. After that I hope we can
have to Lefebvre and Breen in each event”.