Yves Matton: “there is Still much work to be done”


The Citroen C3 WRC has not frozen the debut expected, something of which they are aware at Citroën Racing. In fact, Yves Matton has not been hidden and the pattern of the team has recognized that it is necessary to make improvements to the World Rally Car French can be at the height of their rivals, , not only in terms of speed, but also in its behavior. A situation which certainly was not the desired one in the bosom of the French team after taking a year off to develop the Citroën C3 WRC and choose to Kris Meeke as its pilot pointer.

With two-fifths positions of Craig Breen as best results, one of them with the DS3 WRC 2016, it is clear that something needs to be improved and has explained Yves Matton on the official website of the championship: “we are All very aware of what they need to do to improve and be competitive, we’re going to work even harder in preparing for the next rally. there is Still much work to be done to take full advantage of the potential of our car in certain conditions, because in the snow we were fast in the early past, but we still have to find out why our pilots were less comfortable after”.

One of the details that more worries the technicians of Citroën is the behavior somewhat whimsical that has the rear of the Citroën C3 WRC, although Yves Matton has also appealed to the confidence of their pilots before the massive change of surfaces that occurs in Monte carlo and Sweden: “Meeke had some difficulties to feel completely comfortable with the car on the variety of surfaces of the last rally. In these conditions, it is not easy to gain confidence. There are many chances that the situation will be different in the Rally of Mexico, where the surface of the race is more consistent throughout the prueba”.