Zac Brown believes that the pilots should go back to being heroes


The difficult balance between technology and the human factor has always been the object of debate in the Formula 1. While we are talking about a sport mechanic, it is certain that many members of the category criticize that it has become a war of technology in which are the engineers who compete between them, leaving the pilots in a second plane.

Zak Brown, a strong man of McLaren, is aligned with that current of opinion and believes that the Formula 1 would do well to return to the pilots the role of heroes who for many years have had. “The pilots are the heroes and what has happened is that the cars have become the heroes. It is a technology war. In F1 there has always been technology, but we need these pilots, these heroes, fighting on the track, forcing cars”, said in a statement to the BBC.

Perhaps the new regulation is a first step in that direction, but while that happens, Zak Brown argues in the same Toto Wolff: greater exploitation of the digital resources that the Formula 1 is available at your fingertips. “We have good runs, but we have to make the stories you tell the better. What there is to do with the networks, the applications, the way of connecting with the fans. The product is good, but I don’t think we’ve done a good job of showing it and communicating with the fans”, admitted to Brown to finish.