Zak Brown admits he is unlikely to find a main sponsor for McLaren


Zak Brown was announced a few weeks ago as the new Executive Director of McLaren and its main contribution will be focused to the division sports the trademark and, more specifically, to the team of Formula 1.

The american, who has already gotten sponsors for McLaren in the past through his marketing company JMI (Just Marketing International), believes that the political situation and financial it is not the most suitable to get a large sponsorship agreement. “I Think that there are strong setbacks, whether it’s the Brexit, or the elections in the united States and, therefore, it is a difficult environment, it is not a sponsorship cheap, but it is of great value and global, so that when you actually think about is money very well spent. But I have not been inside, so I don’t know the losses exact and we’ve had a couple of opportunities nearby, so that it is difficult, it is very difficult. Does not mean that you have a magic wand and have a main sponsor in 2018 is going to be an easy feat”.

And, to illustrate, Brown describes the situation of the three teams pointers. “it Is a difficult environment for all of us. Red Bull was a main sponsor, but now is not, is themselves. Ferrari is dealing with things in a different way and then, obviously, Mercedes has had the luck of counting with a main sponsor for a period of time”, ” said the american in statements collected by

Zak Brown moves up in the world of marketing and has helped McLaren close sponsorships through his company, JMI, but has never sought a signature sponsor for the team, as he himself explains, describing the way it operates of your company. “I have Not been looking for a main sponsor for McLaren in my day to day work. In the JMI (Just Marketing International) is not approached for a particular computer. We tend to sit in front of companies, we understand what they need and try to steer them back to the computers that most can be adjusted to the same”.