Zak Brown: “Alonso is the best driver in the world”


Zak Brown has become a reference point for all of today at McLaren after his appointment to the end of 2016. The leader of the us took over from Ron Dennis at the address and Eric Boullier in the spokesman of the team that deals with all matters relating to the press.

And, about the new season, Brown is clear that the best pilot in the world, and that disappointment is far from invading to Fernando Alonso. “I don’t see disillusioned, I do not know him well yet, but I have met him a few times and I have talked on the phone also and I can say that is very lively. Although our car was not competitive last year, some of his runs were impressive. I’m going to be honest: I acknowledge that Alonso is the best in the world, point,” he said in an interview with the official website of the Formula 1.

But that does not prevent him from recognizing the talent of its driver: Stoffel Vandoorne. The belgian arrives with an impressive letter of introduction, and many have baptized as the ‘Anti-Verstappen”. Zak Brown admits that the young pilot has before it a great challenge, but don’t doubt that is well prepared to deal with it. “Stoffel is facing a complicated ordeal, but I think that will happen with solvency. Our personal trainers tell me that it is the pilot in a way that they have never seen and that is completely focused and committed. In addition it is extremely smart, never have to repeat things two times”, further recalling its debut at the Bahrain Grand Prix from 2016. “His debut in Bahrain last year was sensational. He beat Jenson (Button) in qualifying and in the race despite having little time to prepare. In fact, he came to Bahrain on the Friday morning, direct from a trip with a stopover from Japan via Abu Dhabi. I think that will surprise a few. Is the real bet”.


To Zak Brown what is important is to see that the team progresses and it is not worth to consider goals complicated to achieve as the to win races this year. “I’m in contact constantly with Jonathan (Neale) and Eric (Boullier), as well as our senior engineers, and I think that our chassis of 2017 will be decent, I’m not going to make accurate predictions, I am not so silly, but everything indicates that we have done a good job with respect to the goals that we think would be realistic”.


Since his arrival, Zak Brown has been involved 100% in all aspects of the team.

Brown also praises the qualities of Honda as the bike rider and remember his background international to commercial level. “let us also Not forget that Honda is a fantastic partner biker, no other company in the world builds more engines and the engineers of Honda have tons of knowledge about turbocharged engines. We all know that 2015 and 2016 were the years of learning and that we will not be at the front of the grid in 2017 either. But we are working incredibly hard, together, as a team, and the progress is palpable, We are making progress and that is what is important”, concluded the General Director of McLaren.