Zak Brown chooses to McLaren Technology Group

Zak Brown

Zak Brown, ex-pilot of several categories, and a successful businessman, was one of the most sought-after, both to fill the position of Ron Dennis at McLaren to be the successor to Bernie Ecclestone. Finally, it has opted for the team from Woking and since he is the new CEO of McLaren Technology Group, working closely with Jonathan Neale.

Zak is the signing that form part of the restructuring, the investors of McLaren have wanted to start to align business operations and strategies of the technology group. The departure of Ron Dennis, it seemed an open secret and confirmed do a few days, as you know. Despite this, Dennis is in the courts, appealing, and according to some rumors could cost many millions to McLaren… I hope not.

Ron Dennis y CEO de Chandon

Without a doubt Ron Dennis is and will be one of the greats in this sport, led to success at McLaren and as well says Mr. And, at times conceding to the benefit of F1 and the sport though that we doing would be against their interests or to their own computer. Therefore deserved to go out the big door and not as it has proceeded, by moving away without making any noise, and this in a bad way. But once they have come out with his investors, had to find a substitute and there has come to Zak.

I Hope that the work of Zak bring many sponsors and prosperity to the team. Remember that after his career was devoted to the business by founding Just Marketing International. This is one of the largest marketing agencies in the world and the best in the world of motor sport, has even worked for McLaren getting sponsors such as Johnnie Walker, GSK, Hilton, Lenovo, Chandon, and NTT. As it has been well said Zak, with your new position you will combine your passion by motorsport marketing.

Will bring the sponsorship of Apple? That would be a plus now that the F1 is in the hands of the american (Liberty)…