Zak Brown: “Everything points to that we have taken a step forward”


After a positive Free 1, in which the two McLaren finished among the first eight, and a Free 2 something less prominent, the british team values your first day in Montmeló in a positive way, after his presentation in society of its revolutionary rear spoiler, the most significant improvement and eye-catching of which have been presented this weekend. As stated by Zak Brown, in a conversation with accredited media.

the head of The team McLaren believes that the information obtained today still does not give a full painting of what the car can offer in the session decisive for the weekend, but the early signs are positive: “these Are preliminary findings, but the pilots are happy and believe that we have made progress, the engineers (also). It is what we hoped to see in terms of improvements. The track conditions were complicated and are improving, so that we will know more after qualifying and the race, but early clues point to that we have taken a step forward“.

the delays in The improvements of McLaren at the beginning of the season espolearon the rumor mill about whether changes of this weekend was an initial concept of the car that had to be refined and delayed. Brown did not get wet at all in this aspect: “All bring improvements to Barcelona. When you develop (a car), you have a variety of plans; some things do not go as they were planned and others are not. There has been much talk about this car in Australia, but I think that there is more than one piece of development that would not have been in Australia“.

future changes in the rules of Formula 1 to 2021, seeking to reduce the disadvantage between teams, it is something that Brown sees with good eyes: “Conceptually, they have raised all the right ideas. We support everything that will produce more runs and matched. The changes cost money, so that in a time in which we try to reduce costs, we have to make sure that the changes work and not cost us more money. We now have a new element, that means that we have to figure out where to spend our money properly”.


Brown also spoke in favor of the proposal to the economic situation in the Formula 1 is more equitable and limited to the level of spending, between the divergence of views in the paddock: “At the limit of the budget, everyone has their opinion on if this could be implemented. All have a clear idea of what areas you control, and what can the teams rush to the limits, so I think you can do. What we showed in Bahrain is the right direction for the sport“.

Also laudó to Liberty Media, the main responsible of the change of regulation, ensuring that “we have given you every option to give our opinion, they are very receptive to them, have offered more details regarding the submission of Bahrain… We are wanting to finish off what 2021 to be able to plan appropriately. Will be a significant change for Formula 1, and some teams are going to have to adapt more than others”.


The adventure of Alonso in the 6 hours of Spa, Boullier said see “while playing golf”, and the intention of creating a main category in the Le Mans closer to the GT, has stirred the rumor mill about a possible entry to the championship in the future, something that Boullier did not rule out, making it extensive to other competitions: “What we would consider. McLaren has a long history in other forms of motorsport, whether Can-Am, IndyCar, Le Mans…The rules (WEC), as have been proposed are convincing. we would participate in the new GTP-Silhouette or as want to call it, but what is exciting is to try to go to Le Mans to win in an absolute way”.

Brown also discussed other issues within the team, since , although he declined to comment on possible changes in the team, he spoke of a “restructuring to get the maximum performance of the equipment”., and ensured that the team has enough financial support from its shareholders. Also, when asked by Stoffel Vandoorne, considered that the belgian driver “is doing very well. His race pace is very good, is a partner very hard, and it feels very comfortable. We are trying to make the car more consistent to your liking“.