Zak Brown justifies the new decoration of the McLaren


The spectacular presentation of the McLaren MCL32 last Friday attracted a large interest the expected incorporation in the decoration of the car of the orange, color that McLaren used for the last time as a ringtone for primary in 1971 before receiving sponsorship from Yardley of London. Since then, the subsequent sponsors have imposed their colors, with the orange relegated to little details and some decorations of tests, while still being the main color of the brand for its cars street.

To dramatize the change was within the team that has led to the departure of Ron Dennis and the arrival of Zak Brown, the MCL32 incorporates the anticipated orange prominently on the front of the car. Although the majority of the fans applauded the exchange of McLaren, whose decorations had been dominated by the dark tones since they were left without a main sponsor in 2014, an important sector of fans has not been at all satisfied with the way in which McLaren has designed its decoration, due to the significant presence of blacks in the back of the car and its positioning, that I remembered the car as the Virgin MVR-02, 2011.

Before these opinions unfavorable, Brown has wanted to explain the reasoning behind the new colors. The director general of McLaren has counted that we evaluated numerous options prior to stay with final decoration, and that the form that evokes the separation between orange and black in the rear of the car is based on the logo of the company:

“We have had a dozen people involved in the entire process. We went through tons and tons of decorations, and there were many different opinions. diehard fans of McLaren will realize that the arch behind is the ‘speedmark’ of McLaren. On that basis, we believe that the orange stands out, and is a orange very bright. And when you go to the side of the car, you see that the black has a finish different”.

Brown has also revealed that it has taken into account the aspect that I would have the car seen on television, and has played with them on the basis of camera angles: “we Wanted something that was graceful and shocking, and did much work in television. When you look ahead, look a car orange, and even that is not viewed from the side are not perceived that there is a car completely orange. It is one of those things is quite subjective in respect to what is a great decoration and what is not. Personally, we love it, but I’m sure that if you asked 100 people, most will like it, but there will be different opinions”.

it has Also justified the use of the number 32 in the name of the car, continuing with the numbering of the MP4 in spite of having replaced the name, linked to Ron Dennis and Project Four:Our past is important and we must never forget, is what has made us be what we are today. We have seen changes in the management, in company logos, in names of companies… so that is a natural progression that with the passage of time you press the reset button. I love to walk the boulevard and see the cars of Senna and H√§kkinen. It is something that we are very proud, and we hope to create another era like that”.