Zak Brown: “McLaren are not going to win races this year”


Fernando Alonso showed his confidence in Honda of face-to-2017, but acknowledged that he was not sure if the team would be successful at the level of chassis and aerodynamics. That is a question that only time will answer, but when that time comes, Zak Brown has given his point of view.

The Executive Director of the british group believes that trying to run too and to win back involves burning stages little by little. “All in due time, step by step. If we do things correctly, we will succeed and we will go on the grill, but I warn you that we’re not going to win any races next year (2017). Not what I hope. We’re very excited to win races and championships, but I don’t think that we still have the needed set”, acknowledged in statements to Road and Track.

Brown admits that the team members are uncomfortable in the current situation and want to get out of it as soon as possible, which makes people are anxious to change things. “I Think we all are frustrated and anxious to return to the path of victory. I don’t think that the results of the last two years have been something that the team is used to it: didn’t like it and want to change things,”, said the man who recently replaced Ron Dennis as visible head of the project of McLaren.