Zak Brown praises the “visionary” Ecclestone: “it Will be very difficult to match”


The reactions to the output of Bernie Ecclestone of the Formula 1 at the expense of the new triumvirate of Chase Carey, Ross Brawn and Sean Bratches have not been made wait. The arrival of effective Liberty Media represents the beginning of a new era for the sport and the departure of its most symbolic figure out of the track, and all recognize that we will have to work hard to match your work, at the same time that they are optimistic for the future changes in order to modernize the sport.

In these lines has been expressed for the Executive Director of McLaren, Zak Brown. He has also starred another change of great dimensions in the Formula 1 recently, being the successor of Ron Dennis after nearly four decades at the front of McLaren, and that Ecclestone has been vital to the expansion and growth of the Formula 1 as a great power since his arrival at the front of the SEAL in 1978.

For Brown, “Formula 1 would not be the international power that it is today without the contribution truly huge that Bernie Ecclestone has done in the last half-century. In fact, I can’t think of another person who has had so much influence at the time of building a global sport as it has had it. Bernie will be very difficult to match, but it has created a fantastic platform from which to Chase Carey and his colleagues at Liberty Media will be able to bring forward the Formula 1 and make it even bigger and even better. And we at McLaren will be eager to help you. In fact, as we enjoy great relationships with the managers from Liberty Media, and we look forward to working closely with them”.

at The same time, Brown believes that the key to the changes that Liberty Media may or must perform in front of the category are implicit in his own name, and trusts that help to attract effectively new fans in the coming years, using all the resources that the information age provides:

“How it will manifest itself as ‘bigger and better’? I think that the clue is in the words ‘liberty’ and ‘half’. In the next decade, I hope that the way in which the Formula 1 is organized to be more free and more accessible for the fans, and as such, we hope to recruit new generations of devotees of the Formula 1, by adopting a proactive, digital media, social networks, the ‘gaming’, etc, There is the catchment of fans these days, and it is clear that the people of Liberty Media understands that. But, as I say, today is a day that we should all pay tribute to a visionary and entrepreneur extraordinaire called Bernie Ecclestone, and thank you”.