Zak Brown wants the Formula 1 learn from the Super Bowl


The big news out of Formula 1 at the organisational level, 2016, and may of the decade, it was the acquisition of a majority shareholding on the part of Liberty Media, the consortium of communications for the united states, for more than 4,400 million dollars ($4.200 million euros). This company, led by billionaire John C. Malone, intended to provide Formula 1 of the exposure required to halt the decline of audiences and laying the groundwork for the discipline within the TWENTY-first century, in particular in relation to paragraphs audiovisual, commercial, and multimedia, under the leadership of Chase Carey.

in Addition to the lower number of viewers that connect for the tv with the races, attributable to the changes in habits of consumption, it is also intended to solve the lower inflow to the circuits in total numbers for the weekend, something that has been seen with particular crudeness in Germany and that affects many destinations of Great Prizes, among them Spain. Therefore, it has been advocated for providing the weekend’s Formula 1 an offer that was more focused on the total performance, as did the organizers of the Grand Prix of the united States by hiring established artists such as Taylor Swift, which contributed to increased box office.

Between the advocates of a similar approach throughout the year is another of the new faces in the circles of influence of the F1, the new Executive Director of McLaren Technology Group, Zak Brown. The entrepreneur and former american pilot believes that the Formula 1 must be adapted to convert each of the Grand Prize in a great offer to the viewer during the entire weekend, and even since before, and he gives as an example one of the major sporting events worldwide, the Super Bowl:

We need to revise the format of the weekend, how we engage consumers in the stands, and how much we can bring to our teams and drivers. When we go to those cities (should be) a great event from the beginning. I think that the Super Bowl does an excellent job with your level of uptake of fans: come to the city a week earlier and will take over the city, hotels and airports. We have 21 Super Bowls around the world“.

Brown is also confident that, once Liberty acquires full powers, the Formula 1 to expand on the multimedia level, something in that category, tied by their own tv rights, has always been behind in many categories automotive:

digital, that is what everyone is talking about, is quick, fast-paced and ever-changing. What worked yesterday may work tomorrow or not. Given that Liberty has experience in focus in the media, and that Chase comes from the world of communication, I have high hopes they will do great things in that field. Thus it is that, in the long run, it reaches the largest possible audience”.