Zak Brown: “We have problems, but talk of crisis is a bit strong”


Seven test days plagued with problems. That is the balance
of the pre-season with McLaren to date. The recurring problems of the
Honda engine have raised the tension between the manufacturer of Woking and for the motorist
japanese. With Fernando Alonso and Eric Boullier giving clear signs of frustration
and loss of patience, Zak Brown has come to the fore. An intervention in
exclusive to ‘Sky Sports’ in which the new head and CEO of McLaren has
made it clear that there is no intent to break the relationship with Honda and which refuses to
use the word crisis to define the situation of the McLaren F1.

The words of Fernando Alonso and Eric Boullier have stoked
the flames of a relationship increasingly tense between McLaren and Honda,
the preseason ends and there is felt a progression in real on the computer. In
this aspect, Zak Brown, Executive Director of the McLaren does not want to hear talk of break
his relationship with Honda: We have a long-term contract. We have won
many championships with them and have the right people. We also
we have the right staff, so let’s work together. That is what
McLaren should hacer”.


Zak Brown has also made it clear that it also discards that
Honda leave Formula 1 in the short term
, every time that the agreement signed by
both party is strong, despite the problems of the japanese manufacturer for
designing an engine to the height of the power units from Mercedes, Ferrari or
Renault. With everything and despite the two breakdowns he has suffered in the McLaren MCL32
along the seventh day of the tests, Zak Brown does not provide this option: “Not
what I think, have given no indication of it. has Not spoken of another thing
to get to the front of the grille

finally, Zak Brown has sought to define the situation of McLaren, leaving his particular version: We have problems, but talk of crisis is a little strong. It is true that Melbourne is going to be hard. I’d be surprised if we are where we need or want to be in Australia, so it will be a difficult start of the year. Honda has given us assurances that they will do everything possible to give us the best unit of power as possible. We know what the problems are and we also know how to cope with them. We have improvements every day and that is the most important. Honda is working on this“.