Zandvoort aspires to F1 for the effect Verstappen


Max Verstappen is an idol of masses. The pilot Toro Rosso is one of the great road, and has awakened a growing interest in F1 in the Netherlands. Dam ‘effect Verstappen’, Zandvoort would be thinking back to the World of F1. The mythical path that shares a designer with the Jarama or Suzuka was one of the great protagonists of the F1 and formed part of the calendar between 1952 and 1985 to host the GP of the Netherlands. Located on the coast of the North Sea,the curve ‘Tarzan’ is one of their places charismatic.

to be able To return to the F1 stage to stage with 34 Large Awards held and who came out of the contest by the bankruptcy of the developer, is necessary for a great remodeling. The facilities of Zandvoort and the track are obsolete, so that it would be mandatory to renew all the infrastructure and access, review the track and even modify several loopholes. A plan that is in the plans of Erik Weijers, Direct Zandvoort and even in the agenda of Jery Kramer, political party VVD. To get a viable project and a financial requirements the minimum first steps.

Think in 2019 or 2020 seems a realistic plan for a notable project. With the F1 in mind, the path looks at the real possibilities of increasing a calendar of activities already by itself remarkable. The path Dutch account with the usual visit of the DTM, as various tests of GT and the Masters of F3, one of the most reputable along with Macao in this discipline. Though possibly the event star in the absence of F1 is the Masters, brings together, year after year, the classics of almost any category motorsport.