Zarooq Sand Racer, the United Arab Emirates want to conquer the desert

Zarooq Sand RacerZarooq Motors is a new car company with base in the United Arab Emirates. Still do not trade in any car, but have already anticipated his first creation, the Zarooq Sand Racer. It is a coupe suv designed by Anthony Jannarelly, in charge also of the design of the Lykan Hypersport, whose field of battle will be the dunes of the desert.

This coupe features a engine 3.5 V6 that will deliver between 300 and 500 horses mounted in rear center position and coupled to an awd system. The idea of the promoters of the project Zarooq is to cover a niche market, the cars prepared for ride dunes in the desert, a very popular activity in the UAE that is normally develop with suvs conventional, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, which are very large and heavy or the Buggies, which are not the most secure.

Zarooq Sand RacerLittle more data is known, although it is visible the generous ground clearance, which are complemented with tours of the upper suspension to 43 inches, which will allow you to overcome all kinds of obstacles. In the interior Zarooq promises a car with good endings and space for two people.

This new off-road sport will make its debut at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi and is expected to price between 70,000 and 150,000 euros, in function of the specifications of each unit. It is expected that the first deliveries of this car, manufactured in the UAE, to start in early 2016.

plans Zarooq are ambitious, as they claim that this model is marketed globally and seek to give it notoriety by creating a competition exclusive to this model on a track suv that the brand is building on the outskirts of Dubai. The Zarooq Sand Racer nor intended to be the only model of these features and the brand aims at launching a series of off-road performance, although it remains to be seen how much excitement cause this first Sand Racer.

Source – Zarooq