Zelectric Motors Z911: there is Already the Porsche 911 classic electric


Dispenses with the flat-six for a mechanical electrical.

If a few months ago, we present to you the Ferrari 308, converted to electric by a company in california, today we present the Z911, a Porsche 911 of 1973, which waived its legendary flat-six to incorporate a train mechanical electric and a battery pack from a Tesla.

This conversion will be available soon. Its creators, Zelectric Motors, offer even transformations, similar to other kind of models, like the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, the original or the Karmann Ghia. The price of Z911 for the moment is unknown, we understand that it can vary depending on the state of the vehicle’s original donor, but we can get an idea with the price of the transformation on the Volkswagen Beetle, the Zelectricbug, about 49,000 dollars.

The batteries that were used to Z911 were taken from a Model S crashed, and have 54 kWh, although instead of installing them exactly as in the model of Tesla, were handed out by the frame of the 911, to be able to better distribute the weight. Which is all an irony, because if there is something they are famous for the early generations of the 911 is for its awful weight distribution and the incidence of motor hung back on its behavior.


The batteries of the Model S were spread across the frame.

Zelectric Motors, with headquarters in San Diego, California, resorted to a set of double engine AC-34, with a total power of 150 horses. The set provides an autonomy of around the 400 miles, which places it among the best in the segment electric.

The prototype presented is a copy of the 911 Targa 1973 and has all its original features, including the lid of the fuel tank, which is now the space for the plug.

Without a doubt, the only thing we can take less in this creation is the glorious sound of the six-cylinder boxer, which evidently already has no place under the frame of the Z911.


The tank cover hides the connection.

however, in addition to earning a mechanical more economic, reliable and simple to maintain, also we will have a lot more torque, since this passes of the 216 Nm original 298 Nm of maximum torque, and most importantly, all the torque is instant, so that the sensations at the wheel of the Z911 will be more compelling than in the 911 Targa original. Yes, in the most absolute silence.