Zengo Motorsport will continue in the WTCC with two Honda Civic


Zengo Motorsport is one of the private teams with a
history the most extensive in the WTCC
. After seven years in the competition, the training
Hungarian is not ready to abandon the ship of the World Touring car and is by
that Zoltán Zengo, in quality of owner and team manager, has wanted to
to reaffirm the commitment of its structure
with the championship led by
François Ribeiro. In this aspect, and if there is any problem that prevents us from doing,
Zengo Motorsport will compete in the WTCC under the same ingredients that
what you did in the last season, aligning two Honda Civic TC1.

In this aspect, the plan of Zengo Motorsport is to reaffirm the
bet he made in 2016
and that led him to put in liza two Honda Civic, though
on this occasion avoiding the difficulties that prevented the team to compete with
the two cars until past the halfway point of the season. A bet
continuity even keep it at level pilots, as Zoltán Zengo has
explained that almost certainly Ferenc Ficza and Daniel Nagy will continue in the
. The team will reward the work of both defining your project with
these two young riders hungarians, following the trail of his great work with
Norbert Michelisz

“it Is a pleasure for us to compete in a championship
that appreciates the enormous work that we have done and appreciated our team.
the WTCC, we have become part of the international community
of the
motor sports. Our future is in the WTCC, and therefore, we will do all
possible to align two Honda Civic TC1 in 2017
, very possibly with the
same riders as last year, Ferenc Ficza and Daniel Nagy. François Ribeiro
and the team of Eurosport Events gives us all the necessary support and we are
grateful for it,”
has explained Zoltán Zengo in statements collected
by ‘WTCCBlog.hu’.