Zenos E10 R: this “KTM X-Bow,” a british has the engine of the Ford Focus RS

rumors have been fulfilled and Zenos has presented an R version of the Zenos E10, an alternative more prestacional, with 350 horses at our disposal, that comes encouraged by the mechanics of the Ford Focus RS. Lightweight, powerful, and radical, especially a radical. Time to meet the new Zenos E10 R.

weighs Only 700 kg… and has a power of 350 horses

Not only is more powerful, the R version have an improved part cycle and weighs less.

Using as a basis the structure already known in the Zendos E10 and E10 S, developed in aluminum and carbon fiber, we now find ourselves with the mechanics supercharged 4-cylinder and 2.3-liter Ford Mustang and Ford Focus RS, playing to the occasion, it is the same power that the compact sports Ford, 350 horses they also come accompanied by a good pair of 475 Nm.

As could not be otherwise, considering their focus totally playful, resort to a manual gearbox 6-speed transmission.

in Addition to the extra power we find ourselves with a new part cycle where they appear adjustable shock absorbers Bilstein, better brakes and tires, lightweight 16-and 17-inch, helping to reduce the final weight of a set that conforms to only 700 kg, 25 kg less than that of the E10 S.

does Your price? In the Uk, the Zenos E10 R has a starting price of 39.995 pounds, 57.000 euros to change.


Gallery of images of the Zenos E10 R: