Zenuity new Volvo Cars and Autoliv for their autonomous cars

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driving autonomous every day that passes is taking bigger steps and the brands do not want to lose the pace. Volvo Cars is one of the brands that more effort is putting in the design and development of autonomous cars. As proof we have the different vehicles which it has licensed to companies such as Uber to test the technology of these firms. Now the Swedish manufacturer has announced that next to Autoliv going to to create a new company for the design and manufacture of its own autonomous cars.

In an official press release have been informed that Zeniuty is the resulting company of this union, which will be owned 50 per cent of each participating company. With its creation, Autoliv will invest about 120 million €uros and Volvo for its part, will contribute to the society by the corresponding part of the human resources needed to carry out the project as well as intellectual property licenses that are necessary as the system ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Volvo Autoliv

The mission they pursue is the creation of a new software for driving autonomous that apply to vehicles for the Swedish manufacturer in the beginning (will be sold to other brands later). The new firm should be operating mid of this year and could have in the street the first attendees driving in the year 2019. The next step would be the marketing of cars to be completely independent of face to the year 2021.

The place chosen to place the headquarters of this new company is the city of Gothenburg (Sweden), but in a near future also will operate in the cities of other countries, such as Munich (Germany) and Detroit (USA). The union of both companies for the development of autonomous vehicles seems to be very promising since Volvo holds a high level of knowledge in security systems and Autoliv is dedicated also to this branch of the automotive industry.

Source – Volvo Cars

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