Zero postureo: the Mercedes G 350 d Professional is not afraid to get dirty

What is certain is that although the Mercedes G Class is one of the atv pure more capable of the market, I would venture to say that 90% of them never leave the asphalt. Rather, they are a status symbol in countries of the Middle East, the united States or Russia. Ended the postureo: Mercedes has just launched the G 350 d Professional, a version oriented to the work of your Mercedes Class G. Less frills, less ornaments, less equipment, a mechanically more robust. A version purist for lovers of off-road or uses purely professional.

Optionally, you can install a ladder for easy access to roof rack loads on the roof.

Imagine that you are an engineer and wind energy you must move through areas inhospitable, even without using the air conditioning. Of course you could do the same thing in a Toyota Hilux, but if you can afford it, why not do it in a Mercedes G-Class? The same thing happens if you’re a fan of off-road high-flying (without getting to the extremism of the Mercedes G500 4×42: the Mercedes G350d Professional you still have three differentials lockable electronically, something that no other rival on the market can boast.


it Is precisely in the use of off-road where the Mercedes G-Class Professional highlights. Earn 10 mm extra ground clearance with respect to other Class G – your total height to the ground is 245 mm – and your angles of attack and output have also improved with respect to a G 350 d standard: 36th/39th front 30 ° /30°. It is also a thank you to a few new bumpers, steel, part of a kit off-road in which it is possible to install a winch from the factory, and a few off-road tires of sidewalls reinforced with kevlar and measures 265/70 R 16.

Didn’t even have electric windows, although it retains a multifunction steering wheel and adjustments electrical partial in the front seats.

Your tires are 16 inches, allowing profile tires much more. Has a lot less frills exterior: its optical front have been covered with a metal grille and wheel arches are plastic. The painting is matted in a good part of the body kit, and its exterior is available in 11 different colors, of which only two are paint not metallic. On the roof you can mount a roof rack load, and to dispose of series hitch for a trailer. All practicality, in the final analysis.

mercedes-g-350-d-professional-15In its interior, excepting the leather seats, and replacing them with cloth seats, with minor adjustments to electrical. Dispenses with the infotainment system from other Mercedes G-Class and your mats are made of rubber, for easy cleaning. Have been installed drains in the floor from the passenger compartment to the classic “hose down” possible. In the cargo space have been installed several networks and has lined the boot floor with wood of great hardness, so that the loading and unloading of packages heavy is not a problem.

mercedes-g-350-d-professional-16At the mechanistic level, Mercedes G 350 d Professional mounted a engine turbo 3.0 V6 245 HP, power is slightly less than the G 350 d. Associated to an automatic gearbox 7G-TRONIC seven relations, with low range of series. Approves an average of 9.9 l/100 km – not, the G-Class never were the kings of efficiency – and is able to tow a trailer of up to 3,200 kilos of weight. In its interior can result 592 kg of passengers or cargo. Your price boots in 79.982 euros in the German market.

Source: Carscoops