Zetsche: “as long As you win, Lewis can arrange your life as you want”


The life led Lewis Hamilton off the circuit, full of luxury, eccentricities and adventures do not always generate sympathy and good image. There is a view that Mercedes should control the three-time, but from the team point out that it has the freedom to dress as you want and do what you want within limits. Says a highly authoritative voice, the Dieter Zetsche, president of Daimler and Mercedes, that in the living Room of Detroit will be referred as well to the british in the words collected by Autosprint: “As you win races, you can manage your life as he wants, as long as it is in line with the values of our brand. If we look at the relevance of his character in the social network, with twelve million followers, what can we wish you? It is more than a rock star. It is the fastest on the track, and it is perfect”.

On the other side of the coin is the image of man, quiet and simple from Nico Rosberg, the balance for the German side. Also he had positive words for the head of Mercedes: “it Is also very fast and has a style of life very diverse, with a family and a child”. Zetsche referred to your partner as the perfect match, denying the rumors that the coexistence between the two is so difficult that of the arrows of silver considering change to one of them: “Are our two riders in the end and we are very happy to have them, they are quite a tandem“. The president wants to calm the situation before the start of the third season in which Lewis and Nico will be the two top favorites for the title if the rest of his rivals do not prevent.

Precisely to their rivals is referred to Dieter Zetsche. Acknowledge that you want to keep winning, but that would be a positive greater competition for the other teams. It is expected to 2016, a preview of Ferrari, and Mercedes want to beat once more but with less advantage that I seen in 2014 and 2015: “we Want to win. Preferably in the final race and by two points, but reduce the advantage it is not our task, but our rivales”.