ZF has patented an airbag to the inner side of the front seats

safety in new vehicles is something essential that must be watched by all the actors involved in the automotive sector. The brands of cars are the first to “seek” the maximum security in their models, but sometimes you need the help of external suppliers. The reason for this collaboration is that the investments have to lead to create a technological solution are high and sometimes you have to apportion these costs.

From the Oldsmobile Toronado 1973 to incorporate this valuable element of security, its development has been unstoppable. It is true that the brand that has the recognition for being the first in mounted airbags in their cars is Mercedes-Benz, but the u.s. firm won him a couple of years. Be that as it may, from then until now have evolved so much that we have airbags to protect even passengers in the event that you are struck.

Another of the curious evolutions of this system is the one that patented it and presented Ford. This airbag is integrated in the seat belt of the rear seats and deploys to prevent injury to the torso to the passengers. Following this innovation, has been the specialist in components ZF has patented a new system of airbags, instead of going on the belt goes on the inside face of the front seats.

With this new airbag ZF wants to mitigate the movements of the head of the front passengers in addition, to reduce the possible collisions that might occur between these when suffering a lateral impact. This innovation stems from the progressive hardening that will suffer from the impact tests of EuroNCAP. Apparently, by the year 2020 there will be a new test to assess the security of your car although an impact on the opposite side of the driver, that is to say, where I would go sitting in the co-pilot.

area of protection the new airbag created by ZF goes from your shoulder to the top of the head. Thanks to this bag prevents the occupants can collide between them, and therefore, ensure the correct position of the head when an accident occurs side. By now, no manufacturer has indicated that what go to mount, but taking into account the requirements to achieve five-star EuroNCAP, in a little time you will be riding in the models of street.

Source – ZF

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