ZF presents its airbag front center


ZF expects that manufacturers are acquiring their airbags as they are hardening tests NCAP european

side collisions, both on the annex as in the opposite, are particularly dangerous because of the displacement they are subjected to the occupants. According to the data of accident rate in the united States and Germany, 30% of the serious injuries and deaths due to side impact collision receive the impact on the opposite side, and not on yours.

The German supplier ZF has introduced its solution to this problem, an airbag that deploys from the side of a front seat that acts as a barrier between the occupants, or that holds the driver in case of impact. The goal is to anticipate future requirements of EuroNCAP, in any site are required or are going to be of time.

however, there is a first outside of the european borders. General Motors and its supplier Takata is anticipated with the 2013 Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave in the north american market. In these crossover of size medium/large are included in the Traverse and Acadia seating with electrical regulation, and standard on the Enclave. The operation is similar in both providers.


In this image of a crash test of General Motors, we can appreciate its effectiveness. adequately Protects the head, shoulders and torso of both occupants. Without this airbag, passengers can suffer bruising severe -and even death – only to hit the heads.

The lateral movement is a negative consequence of the safety belt of three points, not very effective in this type of collision. In competition we use harnesses, six-point, hold completely to the occupant in their seat, but that is complemented with a safety cage, which prevents the body from penetrating into the passenger compartment.

Without such a cage, the harnesses may be counterproductive, as the sink of the roof in case of rollover, the occupant would be at a disadvantage compared to one that uses three-point belt. The ideal is that all were with the same security measures as the racing cars, but that is not comfortable, and therefore, it would hardly be accepted by the people.